Further development of an Australian-based measure of social capital in a US sample

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O'Brien, Megan S.
Burdsal, Charles A.
Molgaard, Craig A.

Social science & medicine (1982). 2004 Sep; 59(6): 1207-17.


Social capital is an increasingly popular construct in research examining social and behavioral determinants of health and well-being. Yet, comparing the results of social capital research is inhibited by inconsistencies in labeling, different definitions and subsequent disagreement on level of analysis, and limited evaluation of the psychometric properties of measures of social capital. This study examined the psychometric properties of the Social Capital Questionnaire (Journal of Applied Behavioral Science 36(1) (2000) 23). In the current study, the original Australian-based instrument was modified for telephone administration with a US sample. Exploratory factor analysis revealed a similar factor structure to that found during initial survey development. These findings lend support to the notion of social capital as a meaningful construct and suggest the Onyx and Bullen instrument deserves further attention as a practical tool for health researchers and community agencies interested in social capital.

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