1972 Wichita State University Annual Commencement

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Wichita State University

Wichita State University. Seventy-Fourth Annual Commencement of Fairmount College. Wichita, Kansas, May 14, 1972. 38 pages

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Conferring of degrees: James J. Basham, M.D., and Carl L. Courter, Members, Board of Regents, State of Kansas; Ernest Balay, President, Alumni Association; The Honorable Garner E. Shriver, Member, United States House of Representatives; John B. Breazeale, Vice President for Academic Affairs; Clark D. Ahlberg, President, Wichita State University
Colleges: Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Science, presented by Dean Paul J. Magelli; College of Business Administration, presented by Dean Donald D. Christenson; College of Engineering, presented by Dean Charles V. Jakowatz; College of Education, presented by Dean Leonard M. Chaffee; College of Fine Arts, presented by Dean Charles L. Spohn; College of Health Related Professions, by Dean D. Cramer Reed; Graduate School, presented by Dean Ambrose Saricks; The United States Air Force Reserve Officers' Training Corps; The United States Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps
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