The Sunflower, v.79, no.59 (February 26, 1975)

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The Sunflower, v.79 no.59. Wichita, Kansas, February 26, 1975. - 8 pages

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Article(s): Dean decision may change fee spending / A. J. Allen -- Dean ranks high among speaker fees -- Student Senate approves referendum for funding -- Student lobbyists coverage on Topeka urging passage of Landlord-Tenant Act -- Landlord-Tenant bill introduced by students -- Veterans corner -- Space aliens accused of landing on earth / Greg Rohloff -- Modern can sculpture will become a garden / Patrick Lytle -- Sunflower at crossroads -- Question of timing.-- John Dean: Is $3,500 criminal? -- WSU revives 'Rain' -- WSU students announce for school board race / Toni Newman -- Senate bill calls for student advisory group -- MVC track dominated by Drake sprinters -- Shocks to face Drake -- Intramural race close -- Student views needed to guide broadcasters
Photograph(s): Art garden: The tin-can sculpture east of Fiske Hall will undergo some modifications when the weather permits. / photo by Roger Giesecke. p. 1 -- Alan Landsburg. p. 3 -- Uncaptioned photos of the production of "Rain". / photos by Ginny Kahmeyer. p. 5