The Sunflower, v.48, no.10 (December 3, 1942)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.48, no.10, Wichita, Kansas, December 3, 1942. - 4 pages
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Article(s): United States enters second year of war -- Elliott reports on Washington trip -- Gas rationing cuts in campus driving -- Chest drive is completed here -- Lost articles are to be taken to campus bookstore -- Stewart presents print of Goudy -- Young Democrats elect Al Munroe -- First symphony concert will be on December 15 -- Nurse's Aide women to be here -- 'Swap rides' group to hear requests -- Roundtable is next on forum -- Coffee rationing threat holds no terror for campus groups -- Hesse explains point of 'swap rides' plan -- Chivalry is really dead! -- Good news can turn to bad -- You can serve this way too -- Shocker shots / Olberding -- Carpenter to A.C.P.A. meeting -- Typed on a Wednesday / Dick Gavitt -- Collegiate digest / Associated Collegiate Press -- University bulletins -- Roundabout the campus / Malone's Baloney -- Delta Omega actives honored at dinner -- University women's council entertains -- University Players to have meeting -- Basketball season opens on Tuesday with Sterling here -- Gammas down Websters again -- Shockers lose to Utah Aggies -- Handball, ping-pong are now underway -- Volleyball champs will be crowned in final rounds tonight -- Shockers to be honored Friday -- Alpha Gam has early lead in intramural race
Photograph(s): Dick Gavitt. p. 2 -- Let's aide this metal drive!: Giving their all for the metal drive which the Y.W.C.A. is sponsoring, are Howard Logan, contributing a cigarette lighter, and Joan Cooke and Betty Raymond dropping in compacts and lipsticks. It is the hope of the Y.W. to have this barrel filled with metal--compacts, lipsticks, keys, toy banks, or any metal object--by students and professors on campus. p. 3
University of Wichita
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The Sunflower
v.48 no.10
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