Proceedings of the 2016 International IEMS Conference, March 14-16, 2016

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International Conference on Industry, Engineering, and Management Systems
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Accounting/Finance , Automation/Soft Computing , Bio Engineering , Decision Making in Management and Engineering , Decision Support Systems , Education and Training , Engineering , Entrepreneurship , Healthcare Systems , Human Computer Interaction , Human Factors , Industry and Academia Collaboration , Lean Systems and Process Management , Life Cycle and Innovation Management , Logistics and Transportation Management , Management Information Systems , Management and Organizational Behavior , Management of Technology , Marketing , Operations Management , Quality Planning and Process Improvement , Simulation and Modeling , Supply Chain Management
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Proceedings of the 2016 International IEMS Conference. Ed. Sandy Furterer. Cocoa Beach, Florida U.S.A. March 14-16, 2016

This book features the proceedings of the 22nd Annual International Conference on Industry, Engineering and Management Systems (IEMS'16) held March 14-16, 2016 in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Proceedings includes 18 papers presented at the conference.

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Polyethylene Layer Thickness of Auxetic Artificial Knee Implant / M. Usman Aslam, M. AlKahtani, S. M. Darwish -- An Expert System of Marissa Mayer's Knowledge (CEO OF Yahoo) / Robert L. Mullen and Ellen Kramer -- An Expert System of Mary Bara's Knowledge (CEO of General Motors Corporation) / Robert L. Mullen and Richard Bassett -- Sentiment Analysis for Colloquial Arabic Extraction from Social Networks Opinion Posts / Ahmed H. Ali, Mahmoud M. Abo Bakr, and Masoud E. Shaheen -- Teaching Engineering Mechanics - Statics with Working Model Simulation / Ti Lin, Liu -- Bread & Roses Kitchen Live Case Study / Dennis Ridley, Christopher La Boo, Jaya McFarland, Nicholas Miller -- Can There Be a Collaboration of Leaderships Traits and Entrepreneurial Traits: An Analysis of Five Mutual Attributes for a Success Alliance / Carol H. Stewart, Dan Mabesoone and Robert L. Mullen -- Lindy's Chicken Live Case Study / Dennis Ridley, Reginald Blaze, Jahlinda Jones, Katia Moyer, Tawn-Tyba Takeli -- Merv's Melt Shop Live Case Study / Dennis Ridley, Tolulope Daramola, Bobby Jackson, Magarret Smith, Ray Walker, III -- The Olean's Restaurant Live Case Study / Dennis Ridley, Darrin T. Alexander, Fitzroy F. Francis, & Sholene K. James -- Heuristic Evaluation of In-Car Navigation System / Qi Zhang and Steven Jiang -- Ergonomic Assessment of Risk Factors in Tree Pruning / Steven Jiang, Zongliang Jiang -- Human Factors in Agile Manufacturing: Development the Existing Workforce / Amber C. Thompson -- Development of Technology Readiness Assessment Process: A Case Study / Yousef Alturki -- Managing the Deficiencies of Operational Profile Testing / Stephen L. Brazelton and Sampson Gholston -- Demand Forecasting and Production Scheduling for a Craft Brewery Company: A Case Study / Caique Emanuel da Silva Nunes, Evne dos Santos Siqueira, Isis Henriqueta dos Reis Ferreira, Júlia Rossberg Palmieri, Pedro Henrique Acioli Silva, Yoná Anoy Alves Fraga, and R. Radharamanan -- A Framework for Assessing Social Network Interactions in Interdisciplinary Research Projects / Sura Al-Qudah, Fatima Irshaidat, Mohammad T. Khasawneh -- Using Process Engineering to Improve Workflow and Office Organization / Sura Al-Qudah, Sharan Srinivas, Lawrence M. Al-Fandi, Mohammad T. Khasawneh, Ellen Badger, and Krishnaswami Srihari
Published in SOAR: Shocker Open Access Repository by Wichita State University Libraries Technical Services, May 2022.
The IEMS'16 conference committee: Nael Aly (Conference Co-Chair); Ahmad Elshennawy (Conference Co-Chair); Jordan Green (Program Chair); Sandy Furterer (Publications Editor)
Industry, Engineering & Conference Management Systems Conference
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Proceedings of the 2016 IEMS Conference;v.22
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2690-3210 (print)
2690-3229 (online)