A study on smart SansEC skin sensing for real-time monitoring of flexible structures

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Kostogorova-Beller, Yulia
Whitford, Jonathan
Dudley, Kenneth
Menon, Alok N.
Chakravarthy, Animesh
Steck, James E.

Kostogorova-Beller, Yulia; Whitford, Jonathan; Dudley, Kenneth; Menon, Alok N.; Chakravarthy, Animesh; Steck, James E. 2018. A study on smart SansEC skin sensing for real-time monitoring of flexible structures. IEEE Sensors Journal, vol. 18:no. 7:pp 2836-2844


The bending deflection of a flexible physical system was investigated during its forced dynamic deformation utilizing electromagnetic resonant SansEC sensing. The dynamic frequency response function (DFRF) was measured using a SARK-110 pocket-size vector network analyzer. The DFRF was found to be directly dependent on the mechanical deformation and vibrational response of the system as a result of the induced strain transfer from the material's surface into the sensor's structure. Signal processing and reconstruction of the original deflection waveform is achieved empirically through interpolation of the DFRF referenced to pre-tabulated static frequency response functions, via transfer function and neural network function approximations. This paper demonstrates that the SansEC sensor can be utilized effectively in mode shape sensing applications of morphing aerospace structures.

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