Manual for teaching wind instruments

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Aubuchon, Julian B.

The purpose of this manual is to create a practical teaching guide for wind instruments. It is designed to be flexible enough to fit any given school or band program. This manual will be helpful to the teacher regardless of his major instrument. Each instrument has a progressive course of study with each step outlined for proper musical. growth. The methods outlined create a source of supply for the right material with name of method, author, publisher and cost. The ideas given in the section on embouchure are only one of many and the teacher of winds should keep this in mind. The procedure that produces the best results for the individual is the one to use. It is hoped that this manual will help the wind teacher do his job more easily and there-by be able to produce better players.

Table of Content
Introduction -- Pre band -- Basic brass embouchure and mouthpieces -- Basic woodwind embouchure and mouthpieces -- Class band methods -- Private instruction methods
Thesis (M.M.E.)-- University of Wichita, College of Fine Arts, Dept. of Music