Protective antigen complexes with increased stability and uses thereof


Bann, James G.; Miyagi, Masaru, inventors. Wichita State University; Case Western Reserve University, assignees. Protective Antigen Complexes with Increased Stability and Uses Thereof. United States patent US 20160193317 A1. 2016, July 7.


Immunogenic compositions against Bacillus anthracis comprising a stabilized protective antigen complex are disclosed. The stabilized complex comprises protective antigen protein and capillary morphogenesis protein-2, with the capillary morphogenesis protein-2 being bound to the protective antigen protein along a binding interface. The stabilized protective antigen complex has increased thermal and structural stability, along with resistance to premature proteolytic degradation. Methods of using the same to induce an immunogenic response in a subject against B. anthracis infection are also disclosed.

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WSU inventors: James G. Bann, Dept. of Chemistry, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Application No: 14/987505 filed January 4, 2016. Patent No: US 20160193317 A1 granted July 7, 2016.