A survey of the high-school libraries of third-class districts in the state of Montana, 1934-35

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Gering, John A.
Hillbrand, Earl K.

The writer has chosen this subject after due deliberation and has prepared this thesis on high-school libraries, with the .hope that, in addition to getting a Master of Arts degree, he might gain knowledge and inspiration which will help him to improve the library in whatever school system he may find himself employed. Also, having been subjected to humiliation and inconvenience because of his lack of knowledge concerning library usage in his early college days,, he is anxious to help others avoid like humiliation and inconvenience, to as great an extent as possible.

Table of Content
Preface -- Acknowledgment -- List of tables -- Summary of conclusions and recommendations -- Importance, purposes and methods of the study -- Functions and obstacles of the secondary school library -- The librarian and assistants -- Book and other reading materials Library funds Library facilities -- Instruction in the use of the library -- Organization -- Bibliography -- Bibliography -- Appendix A. -- Appendix B.
Thesis (M.A.)-- University of Wichita, College of Education, Dept. of Education