The pilgrim soul : a quest for self in an age of disillusionment

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Merriman, Mira Pajes, 1932-

Merriman, Mira Pajes. The Pilgrim Soul: A Quest for Self in an Age of Disillusionment. 1st ed, Mira Pajes Merriman], 2010.

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This memoir recounts the author's white-knuckle escape at age seven through Poland and across Soviet Russia--the German war machine always two steps behind. Miraculously reunited in New York, she and her parents settle on the west side of Manhattan but peace remains out of reach as domestic turmoil, public school daftness, eccentric refugee environment of political and ideological uncertainties create a life fraught with new adversities...This chronicle of Jewish escape from Europe in the 1940s tracks the twists and turns of that displacement, and an immigrant generation's struggle to build a new life in America.