Improving the mechanical properties of composite pipe using multi-angle filament winding

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Lea, Richard H.
Yang, Chihdar Charles

Lea, R. H., & Yang, C. (1998, January 1). Improving the Mechanical Properties of Composite Pipe Using Multi-Angle Filament Winding. NACE International.


The benefits of composite materials-light weight, corrosion resistance, handling ease, etc., have long been appreciated. Composite piping systems are gaining wide acceptance in various industries such as petrochemical, offshore oil & gas, pulp and paper, and marine industries. The modern numerically controlled, multi-axis filament winding machines have brought the manufacturing of composite pipe into a new era. With the "Multi-Angle" filament winding technology, an optimal combination of different winding angles can be designed to satisfy specific mechanical requirements such as hoop and axial stiffness and strength, support span, internal and external buckling pressure, etc. In this paper, comparisons are demonstrated among several multi-angle pipe with traditional 54-degree wound pipe on various mechanical properties.

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