2013-04-22 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of April 22, 2013. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 2012-2013, v.26

Table of Content
Agenda: (President’s report) -- (Remarks from President Bardo) -- (Old business): A. Proposed Revision to 5.06 / Resolution of Internal Disputes -- B. Proposed revisions to General Education
Minutes: (Remarks from President Bardo): 1) Shared Governor Brownback's intention for no cut in Budget -- 2) Strategic planning is coming to close -- 3) Will propose significant increase in student tuitions -- 4) Master plan is ready -- 5) Enrollment -- 6) Scholarship money will be used more effectively and efficiently -- 7) Effectiveness and efficiencies analysis is going to be slow and span over two years -- 8) Acknowledged and is supportive of the Honor College concept that Faculty Senate had positive sense towards it -- 9) Applauds WSU athletes for their success to the Final Four -- 10) Consideration of space and faciliites on campus -- (President's report): 1) Governor Brownback is for level budget for higher education -- 2) KBOR meeting: Budget concerns -- 3) Post tenure, administrators review policy, and other shared governance issues are postponed until VPAA arrives -- 4) Strategic Planning town home meeting to be held April 25th -- 5) Parking on campus and dorm project -- 6) Faculty Senate is called for special meeting May 6th to discuss: double dipping issue; sense of Senate for campus smoking policy; sense of Senate for the completion of background fundamental courses within the first 24 hours; and other issues -- (Old business): 1) Proposed Revision to 5.06 Resolution of Internal Dispute / Victoria Mosak -- 2) General Education Committee: Proposed revision to General Education / Paul Rillema