16PF profiles and four-point codes for clients seen in a private practice

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Reuter, Ellen K.
Wallbrown, Fred H.
Wallbrown, Jane D.

Reuter, E. K., Wallbrown, F. H., Wallbrown, J. D. (1986). 16PF Profiles and Four-Point Codes for Clients Seen in a Private Practice. Multivariate Experimental Clinical Research, 7(3), 123-147.


The purpose of the study was to examine and describe the personality characteristics of 132 clients seen in a counseling psychology private practice. Ms and SDs for the sample indicated that these clients differed significantly from the standardization sample on eight of the 16 PF primary factors (Q4+, B+, C-, L+, Q2+, A-, O+, M-) and one of the second-order factors (QII). Sex differences were similar to those found in previous studies. Cluster analysis results in eight groups for the primary factors and six groups for the second-order factors. These clusters were both statistically significant and clinically meaningful. Six four-point codes compromised at least 5% of the sample. In some cases, these codes differed in rate incidence from that reported for normal and clinical populations in previous studies. Suggestions for future research are presented.

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