Are communicative and grammatical skills more effectively acquired in a traditional or differentiated beginning level foreign language classroom?

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Ulrich, Vendla Jean
Jewell, Peggy

Research suggests much controversy exists in design and methodology of foreign language instruction. The purpose of this study was to understand if beginning level foreign language students acquire the language better with traditional methods of language instruction or with differentiated methods of language instruction. The study analyzed grammatical and communicative aspects in two classrooms of ten individuals using both teaching strategies. Subjects comprised various educational backgrounds, professions, gender, and race. Classes completed pre- and posttests, student learning surveys, and the instructor completed a professional journal. Findings confirmed both classrooms were successful in grammatical aspects of the language, but the differentiated classroom was more successful in communicative aspects of the language.

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Thesis [M.Ed.] - Wichita State University, College of Education, Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction