2005-05-09 Election meeting

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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the Election meeting of May 9, 2005. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 2005-2006, v.19

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Agenda: (Election of Officers for the 2004-05 Senate): A. Presiden-Elect: nomination has been received for Brigitte Roussel -- B. Vice President: nomination has been received for Patricia Dooley -- C. Secretary: nomination has been received for Bob Ross -- D. Members of the Executive Committee (2): nominations have been received for Joyce Cavarozzi, Denise Celestin, Dan Close, Hussein Hamdeh, and Victor Markovich -- (Election of three members to the Planning & Budget Committee): must be current Senators representing College of Fine Arts, College of Health Professions, University Libraries
Minutes: (President’s report): Welcomed the new Senators to the Faculty Senate and noted he was encouraged with the participation of new faculty in university governance -- (Election of Officers for the 2005-2006 Faculty Senate): President-Elect: Senator Roussel be elected; Vice President: Senator Dooley elected; Secretary: Senator Ross elected; Members of the Executive Committee: Senators Cavarozzi and Close elected -- (Election of members to the Faculty Senate Planning & Budget Committee): Senators Forlaw and C. Moore-Jansen nominated and accepted