1992-05-11 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of May 11, 1992. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 1991-1992, v.5

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Agenda: Resolution from the Executive Committee (Attachment A) -- (Committee reports): (a) Traffic Policy Committee (April 27 Attachment): 1. Proposed University Traffic Committee (Attachment B) -- (b) Rules Committee: 1. Nominations for committees and Senate vacancy -- 2. Annual report (Attachment C) -- (c) Planning and Budget Committee (Attachment D) -- (d) Faculty Support Committee (Attachment E) -- (e) Library/MRC Committee (Attachment F): 1. Ad Hoc Library Planning Committee (Attachment G) -- (f) Proposed Smoking Policy (Attachment H) -- (g) Ad Hoc Task Force on Faculty Perception of Administrative Performance (Handout) -- (Final comments)
Attachments: Attachment A. Resolution from the Executive Committee -- Attachment B. Memorandum: University Traffic Committee / Warren B. Armstrong -- Attachment C. Annual report Faculty Senate Rules Committee -- Attachment D. Annual report Faculty Support Committee annual report -- Attachment E. Faculty Support Committee -- Annual Report -- Attachment H. Memorandum: University Smoking Regulation / Warren B. Armstrong -- Notes on WSU Faculty Senate Caucus discussion of desirable attributes in a University President -- Memorandum: Report on May Board of Regents meeting / Jay Mandt
Minutes: Summary of action taken: 1. Received reports of Committees -- 2. Moved to request President Armstrong to meet with the Faculty Affairs Committee about the proposed smoking policy -- 3. Moved to ask President Armstrong to discuss the University Traffic Committee with the Senate and the Senate Traffic Committee -- Resolution from the Executive Committee / Senator Gosman -- (Committee reports): (a) Traffic Policy / President Armstrong -- (b) Rules Committee: 1. Roger Berger nominated to replace Senator Kitch -- 2. Professor Sheffield and Professor Stubbs recommended to the Athletic Committee -- (c) Planning and Budget Committee -- (d) Faculty Support Committee / Senator Allen -- (e) Library/MRC Committee: 1. Ad Hoc Library/MRC -- (f) Proposed Smoking Policy -- (g) Ad Hoc Task Force on Faculty Perception of Administrative Performance