ABCs of processor design: Introductory computer architecture using the LIS-4

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Johnson, Everett L.
Pendse, Ravi

E. Johnson and R. Pendse. ABCs of processor design: introductory computer architecture using the LIS-4, Proceedings of the ASEE National Conference, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, June 1997.


At Wichita State University a three course sequence in the Digital Design area is offered. First year students are encouraged to take the first course. By their third semester it is possible for a student to enroll in the third course in the sequence. The third course entitled, Introduction to Computer Architecture, introduces the student to the art of designing a processor from scratch. This paper presents the design process and the application of the knowledge obtained in the first two courses in the sequence. The CAD tools used will be discussed as part of the bottom-up design process. Each module of the processor is designed and then integrated into the system as a ASIC cell. CAD tools are used to carry out simulation to verify the design process. The end result is a processor that can run a simple program making use of the CAD simulation tools. Extensions of the original design as special projects are presented

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