2003-10-13 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of October 13, 2003. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 2003-2004, v.17

Table of Content
Agenda: (Informal statements and proposals) -- (President's report) -- (Committee reports): A. Rules Committee -- (Old business): A. Election of a President-Elect -- B. Update on the Political Science General Education course -- C. Programs to be discontinued: 1. WSU Policies & Procedures -- 2. Barton School of Business programs to be discontinued -- (New business): A. Motion from the Academic Affairs & Exceptions Committees / Don Blakslee & Scott Goldy -- (As may arise)
Attachments: 2. Political Science General Education course proposal / Jim Sheffield
Minutes: Summary of action: 1. Confirmed William Henry, Senator, LAS Math/Natural Sciences (replaces Kahol) - term ends 6/04, Thomas Wine, Senator, School of Music, term ends 6/05, and John Conlee, Senator, FREDS, (replaces Murphey) - term ends 6/04 -- 2. Accepted the following committee appointments: Exceptions - Rachel Crane (replaces Goldy) - appointment ends 6/04; Craig Torbenson (replaces Bennett Fall 03 only) - Faculty Support Robert Ross (replaces Murphey) - appointment ends 6/04; Tenure & Promotion - John Gries - at large rep. - (replaces Myose) - appointment ends 6/05; Heskett Center Advisory Board - 1 yr. appointment - Kathy Gill-Hopple; 2 yr. appointment - Dharma Chopra; 3 yr. appointment - Terrence Decker -- 3. Senator Will Klunder was elected President-Elect of the Faculty Senate -- 4. Senator Roussel was appointed by the President to the Executive Committee -- 5. Accepted the School of Business recommendations to discontinue Legal Assistant Program & Master of Science in Business -- (Informal statements and proposals): Reminder to the Senate of the AAUP meeting regarding academic freedom in Lawrence / Senator Roussel -- Notification to the Senate that a former Senator and current faculty member in the College of Education, Hal Edwards, underwent brain surgery / Senator Hodson -- (President's report): 1. No Senate meeting on October 27 -- 2. Faculty Handbook Committee has begun its work -- 3. Appointed Senator Roussel to the Executive Committee -- 4. Council of Faculty Senate Presidents retreat (October 4) issues: a. Libraries- purchasing consortiums -- b. Cooperation and collaboration proposal (Sen. Lancaster) -- c. Kansas Senate Bill 345 - accountability in place but not compensation -- d. Administrators evaluations - the BOR has requested faculty input for evaluations of the Presidents -- e. BOR Performance Agreements -- f. Met with Library faculty and invited them to next Executive Committee meeting -- g. Marketability raises -- h. Executive Committee met with the chairs of the Court of Academic Appeals -- i. Tuition Advisory Committee proposal -- (Committee reports): See summary of action for the report -- (Old business): A. Election of President-Elect -- B. Update on the Political Science General Education Course -- C. Barton School of Business programs to be discontinued: MS in Business & Legal Assistant Program -- (New business): A. Motion from Academic Affairs & Exceptions Committee / Senator Goldy -- (As may arise): Information requested by the Senate regarding the North Central Associations reports and comments about the WSU General Education program