A discriminant analysis of perceptions of women in a tenured business role

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Rappaport, A.
Hackett, D. W.

Rappaport, A., Hackett, D. W. (1977). A Discriminant Analysis of Perceptions of Women in a Tenured Business Role. Multivariate Experimental Clinical Research, 3(2), 75-82.


This study explores the effect of long term holding on stereotypes which are believed to block the advancement of women into male dominated work areas. A mail questionnaire survey produced seven-point semantic differential scale data from 60 male and 51 female respondents in Real Estate sales. Stepwise discriminant analysis was applied to perceptions of salesmen by male and female respondents and perceptions of saleswomen by male and female respondents. No significant differences in perceptions of salesmen by both groups were found. When compared with female respondents, male respondents perceived saleswomen as: a) more emotional, b) more apprehensive, c) having weaker sales technique, and d) more reserved.

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