Alignment and identification of factors in the Early School and Preschool Personality Questionnaires

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Cattell, Raymond B. (Raymond Bernard), 1905-1998
Dreger, Ralph Mason

Cattell, R. B., Dreger, R.M. (1976). Alignment and Indentification of Factors in the Early School and Preschool Personality Questionnaires. Multivariate Experimental Clinical Research, 2(4), 155-165.


Both the Early School Personality Questionnaire and the Preschool Personality Questionnaire were administered to 950 first-grade children, with full protocols for 584 of them, in a "boundry study" designed to compare factors of personality at ages 4-6 and 6-8. Factors derived from Varimax and Promax rotations were subjected to Rotoplot. Nine factors were substantially matched in both age groups. One (B, the intelligence factor) is missing from the PSPQ since no intelligence items per se are included in the PSPQ, another (C, the ego strength factor) does not appear, and two others are only partially matched. Two factors showed up on the PSPQ with no counterparts in the ESPQ. And two appear to be error factors.

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