Forward Together: A monthly newsletter, August 2023


Forward Together: A monthly newsletter, Wichita State University, August 2023.

Table of Content
Ted Lasso: A true Shocker / President Muma -- Wichita State and WSU Tech impact on Kansas economy: $1.3 billion -- Location for WSU/KU Wichita Biomedical Campus approved -- Wichita State class helps students work with customers on assistive technologies -- History students hope to illuminate history of LGBTQ community in Wichita -- Shocker grad student accepted into presidential U.S. Marine Band -- Wichita State featured in APLU newsletter -- Wichita State filmmakers explore aftermath, trauma of 1965 plane crash -- New Wichita State partnership with WSU Tech and Butler will help critical teacher shortage -- Robotic food delivery service starts at Wichita State