Temperature dependent lattice distortion in aerogel-produced Fe Mo oxides

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Hamdeh, Hussein H.
Al-Ghanem, Hussain
Folkerts, T. J.
Eltabey, M. M.
Ho, J. C.
Willey, R. J.
Hamdeh, H. H.; Al-Ghanem, H.; Folkerts, T. J.; Eltabey, M. M.; Ho, J. C.; Willey, R. J.; , "Temperature dependent lattice distortion in aerogel-produced Fe Mo oxides," Applied Physics Letters , vol.92, no.24, pp.243114-243114-3, Jun 2008 doi: 10.1063/1.2948970
Mössbauer studies have been made to evaluate the temperature dependence of lattice distortion in two aerogel-synthesized iron-molybdenum oxides having different atomic ratios Fe:Mo=1:1 and 2:3, but both with a ß-FeMoO4 structure. The experimentally obtained spectra discern three distinctive iron ions, OFe2+, PTFe2+, and O/TFe3+. The subscripts refer to octahedral, pseudotetrahedral, and unresolved octahedral and tetrahedral lattice sites, respectively. As anticipated, only the quadrupole splitting (QS) of both ferrous ions shows a measurable dependence on temperature. However, the remarkable sensitivity of the PTFe2+ QS indicates a temperature induced asymmetric lattice distortion on the pseudotetrahedral sites.
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