Laser Guided Evacuation System

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Sharpe, Harlan
Crawford, Donald
Abdelhaq, Mohammad
Upadhayay, Pawan
Harrison, John
McGuire, Tom

The intent of this project is to provide an improved evacuation system for buildings, homes, and other structures under the events of an emergency. The system will incorporate a traveling laser light shown upon the wall, thus providing guidance for the quickest and safest route out of the building. This system will include technology that allows it to communicate with other units in a way such that all paths of egress will have a laser guiding to the same exit location. Other means of system integration are included which will allow the unit to work with existing alarm systems. The laser light technology will be cost effective and easily customizable to provide support for the individual demands of the consumers. The proposed design is immeasurably beneficial to any and all places where human safety is a concern.

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