Combatting human trafficking as an Advanced Generalist social worker

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Countryman-Roswurm, Karen I.

Countryman-Roswurm, Karen. (2014). Combatting human trafficking as an advanced generalist social worker. The Advanced Generalist: Social Work Research Journal, 1 (1), p 35-39.


Drawing upon personal, professional, and academic expertise in the areas of runaway, homeless, and street youth, as well as domestic sex trafficking, the author of this article provides readers with a raw and transparent look into to how she, as an Advanced Generalist Social Worker, was led to join the anti-trafficking movement. The complexities of domestic sex trafficking are illustrated through a story that demonstrates the repeated and cyclical trauma that is frequently endured by those subjugated to sex trafficking. Furthermore, the various dimensions of Advanced Generalist Social Work Practice that are needed to address domestic sex trafficking are discussed.

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