The Sunflower, v.80, no.64 (March 24, 1976)

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College newspapers and periodicals , Wichita (Kan.) -- Newspapers , Student publications , Wichita State University -- History , Borresen, C. Robert , Eichler, Victor , Fremont, Theodore S., Jr. , Ho, James C. , Thomann, Gary C.
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Article(s): Biologist studies ‘stoned’ frogs / Anne Stansbury -- Sunflower rated First Class -- Student government elections begin -- We owe Henry Kissinger a lot - don’t we? -- Images: The Sunflower literary page: Thin air camp, the La Sal Range / A. G. Sobin; Nikki Giovanni: Black poetic experience; Left overs / Barb Bihlmaier -- Revisit the past: Indians celebrate heritage / Joyce Smith -- Science-fiction flicks: Far out! / Jack Thornton -- Acclaimed printmaker presents display -- Tropea’: work of full-fledged jazz musician / Steve Hauck -- Rules for work-life credit sought / Phill [sic] Burger -- Guest speaker will discuss technology and metropolism -- University record / edited by Elizabeth P. Clark -- Student Senate: constitutional reform? / Mike Heckman -- WSU needs orientation leaders / Jim Fisher -- WSU captures two awards at Model UN / Marie Motowylak -- WSU to hold 8th Taft Seminar -- Myers appointed Chief of Security / David Cotner -- Netmen fare well in South / Mike Conover -- Golfers make fine showing -- Crew trains in Texas for future battles / Mike Heckman -- Track team belts Oklahoma State / Steve Shaad
Photograph(s): Victor Eichler, assistant professor of biology, is conducting experiments to study the effects of THC on frogs. His aim b to discover more about THC’s influence on development and growth in frogs-and humans. / photo by Brian Corn. p. 1 -- Nikki Giovanni. p. 5 -- Kakwirakeron, a Mohawk from New York's Adirondack Mountains, is one of the Indian American Student Association's guest speakers during Indian Heritage Week. Here, he is seen at McFarland Art Gallery, where a native American art exhibit is on display. / photo by David W. Cotner. p. 6 -- Science Fiction is this week's theme. “The Day The Earth Stood Still" ( above scene); Earth is warned by a visitor from an advanced civilization. “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea” : special effects galore. "The Time Machine”, “Fantastic Planet” , and “2001: A Space Odyssey” are also scheduled. / p. 6 -- Nathan Oliveira. / photo by Mimi Jacobs. / p. 7 -- Chief Milton Myers. photo by David W. Cotner. / p. 12 -- Olympic hopefuls Al Shealy, Mike Vespoli, and Tim Mickelson lock in their oars on a four-man shell. John Everett is not pictured. p. 14 -- The WSU eight-woman crew exhibits a winning stroke under the direction of Susan Castor. p. 15
The Sunflower, v.80 no. 64. Wichita, Kansas, March 24, 1976. - 16 pages.
Wichita State University
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