Recent developments in recycling plants of advanced materials: Health and environmental

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Asmatulu, Eylem
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Aircraft accidents , Belt conveyors , Chemical hazards , Electronic waste , Health hazards , Heavy metal alloys , Heavy metals , Machinery , Metallurgy , Water recycling
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Asmatulu, Eylem. 2018. Recent developments in recycling plants of advanced materials: Health and environmental. 5th Annual Composites and Advanced Materials Expo, CAMX 2018, Code 144723

Recycling has been offering numerous benefits, such as resource conversation (less demand for virgin raw materials), environmental (clean air, soil and water sources), economic returns (value of the recyclates) and new job opportunities for local people. Considering all these benefits, recycling is the right option for many industries (e.g., composite, aircraft, energy, defense, manufacturing, packaging, etc.) when it is handled in a proper way. Labor is essential in the recycling process, even in fully automated recycling plants for advanced materials recovery. There are certain materials, such as composites, scrap metals and alloys, electronics, batteries, heavy metals as well as chemicals and construction materials that can be recycled and reused economically; however, it can also cause hazards to the environment and workers who are involved in the recycling processes at different stages. Similarly, high injury and accident rates of recycling plants are the outcome of unsafe working conditions around heavy machinery and exposure to hazardous substances on the sort conveyor belt, hypodermic needles, animal carcasses and toxic chemicals. This paper reveals recent development in recycling plants advanced materials, economic, environment and health benefits, potential hazards involved into recycling operations, as well as possible protection techniques for workers and future directions in the field.

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Composites and Advanced Materials Expo (CAMX)
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Composites and Advanced Materials Expo;2018
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