The Sunflower, v.50, no.15 (February 8, 1945)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.50, no.15, Wichita, Kansas, February 8, 1945. - 4 pages

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Article(s): Campus women outnumber men approximately three to one -- Medics initiate new members -- Calls for teachers received by office -- Radio executives visit W.U. campus -- H.Y.M. tickets are on sale -- Board publishes faculty study -- Dr. Palmer attends speech conference -- Two day run for "holiday" -- Bond award to be given -- Clark is selected "Jack Armstrong" -- Dorothea Brown is Home Ec delegate -- Parnassus Queen candidates are announced by groups -- Scholarships to be granted -- Club receives new Carnegie books -- Jardine names research board -- Staples to preside at art meeting -- Y.W.C.A. honors new women on campus -- Freshman's "my day" -- What about varsities? -- Harvey is war prisoner -- Paint jobs, movie screens, flowers, suffer for manpower -- Grad newsletter are distributed -- Typed on a Wednesday / Joan O'Bryant -- Nuptials of grads told -- Rushing rules told by Wilkie -- Men's group pledges 19 -- I.S.A. mixer is Saturday -- Helen admits defeat by Marge; new tragedies stalk the heroine -- Roundabout the campus / Betty Dickman -- Women are honored by social events -- Shockers win fourth straight victory over Baker Monday
Photograph(s): Plans Y.W. dance: Betty Mallonee is chairman of the H.Y.M. dance, which will be held on Saturday, February 17. p. 1 -- [Joan] O'Bryant. p. 2
Newspaper mislabeled as Vol. XLX.