The Sunflower, v.67, no.16 (November 13, 1962)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.67, no.16, Wichita, Kansas, November 13, 1962. - 4 pages

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Article(s): Eurich report shocks campus: Recommendation accepted by State Board of Regents -- Students rally against report -- -- Opera theatre's 'La Boheme' to open for three day run -- 7th Shocker debate may attract 400 -- 30 nations prepare for Interfest / Mary Jane Dunlap -- Editorial views: A serious matter! -- WU graduate accepts post -- The readers speak -- Christian Science lecturer to speak -- Scrabblings and scrooges / Gwen Vorderstrasse -- Anchorettes select 26 women -- Envoy to visit WU -- Arkansas freshmen edge WU -- Around the campus -- 4 teacher interviews scheduled
Photograph(s): SGA state merger committee asked for all available help last Friday to assemble an 8 page brochure 'Did you know that…', which they prepared to distribute locally and to surrounding areas. / photo by Dave Barnett. p. 1
"Teacher Interviews Scheduled See Page 4"