Multifunctional wearable biopatch for real-time monitoring of physiological activities

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Lee, Yongkuk
Mahmood, Musa
Kim, Yunsoung
Hafenstine, Rex W.
Yeo, Woon-Hong

Yongkuk Lee, Musa Mahmood, Yun-Soung Kim, Rex W. Hafenstine, and Woon-Hong Yeo "Multifunctional wearable biopatch for real-time monitoring of physiological activities", Proc. SPIE 10969, Nano-, Bio-, Info-Tech Sensors and 3D Systems III, 1096907 (27 March 2019)


Heart disease is the most common cause of death, so there is a great need for non-invasive continuous monitoring of heart activities in daily life for early diagnosis and treatment. However, existing devices are not suitable for long-term use since they are uncomfortable to wear and heavy due to rigid plastics and thick metals. Here, we introduce a low-profile, comfortable, skin-wearable multifunctional biopatch, capable of wireless monitoring of heart and motion activities. The combination of a thin, tacky elastomeric membrane, skin-like stretchable electrodes, and a small form factor flexible circuit ensures the intimate integration of the device on the skin in adhesive and gel electrolyte-free environment. The results are not only enhanced user comfort and minimized motion artifacts during normal activities but also accurate classifications for various arrhythmias based on R-R interval and ST-segment analysis. In addition, the integrated motion sensor is available to track human activities and alert an emergency when a fall event occurs. This multifunctional soft wearable system would serve as a new wearable tool to advance human healthcare.

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