The Sunflower, v.69, no.37 (March 9, 1965)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.69 no.37. Wichita, Kansas, March 9, 1965. - 6 pages

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Article(s): 'The lady's not for burning' set to open Thursday: Comedy tickets distributed in University Theatre office -- Grad student gets District Rotary grant -- Yale professor to speak Friday about rationalism -- Shocker shenanigans / Lorry Brosius -- Use of drugs growing problem / Cliff Tarpy -- Parking still has problems of enforcement, planning / Mike Snyder -- Visitor immunity -- Honors Program initiated / Intercollegiate Press -- WSU Five drops Drake -- The pivot point / Mike Hall -- Pete, Stallworth, Thompson win Missouri Valley Honors -- Gymnasts avenge loss; Tie Fort Hays '60-60'
Photograph(s): Daffodils: Larry Klein presents the flowers to his wife Janet Neagle as he is held by Don Preston in dress rehearsal of "The lady is not for burning," a University theatre production set to open Thursday night. p. 1 -- Visitor's disregard: Visitor parking takes little notice of the foliage when the Shockers are in the roundhouse. This photo, taken at the Tulsa game, looks from the small stone bridge east across the field behind the DFAC. Students, because they register their cars, are charged $2.50 for parking on the grass in the daytime. p. 4 -- Elusive ball: Wichita's Dave Leach and Melvin Reed fight for rebound against Drake University during action in the Fieldhouse Saturday night. Wichita won 76-74. p. 5