The Sunflower, v.80, no.44 (January 23, 1976)

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The Sunflower, v.80 no. 44. Wichita, Kansas, January 23, 1976. - 12 pages.
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Article(s): WSU budget falls short / Mike Heckman -- ASK spring assembly meets Sunday -- FNA makes recommendations to council: Fix up Fairmount Ave., Fairmount Park -- Missing money mystifies Lowe -- Images: The Sunflower literary page: Left-overs / Barb Bihlmaier; Reviews / Teddi Todd; Moons revisited / Anne Welsbacher; Tornado watch / Steve Sher; Supermarket treachery / tj -- Theatre group recalls “Wedding” -- Historical photos displayed here -- Painting, sculpture shown at WSU Ulrich Museum -- Ron Wilson: "Pantomime is my best area" / Jack Thoronton -- Flannagan’s art goes on display -- India Night to be held Saturday at Duerksen -- "Mime show": a new approach -- WSU Senate meets Monday -- University record / edited by Elizabeth P. Clark -- Where does the money go? Workshop will help clarify -- Shockers set for track gun / Steve Shaad -- Eppler resigns as SID for Worlds of Fun post -- WSU loses second toss, Morand gone as coach -- Indoor track season begins / Jacquelyn Knapp -- Frank Rokosz needs students for intramural basketball / Charles Minshull-Ford -- Tall task faced by gals as team opens homestand -- WTS loses to Louisville -- CPO candidates generate smiles / Neil Cook
Photograph(s): The new Liberal Arts building is going up. Budget money and contractual estimates offer hope for an early 1977 completion. / photo by Brian Corn. p. 1 -- The Engineering Building, as it nears completion, is going through inspection rigors in order to meet an occupancy deadline, set for sometime after Sept. 1. / photo by Brian Corn. p. 3 -- Ron Wilson, pantomimist takes a moment away from his art. / photo by Brian Corn. / p. 6 -- Herm Wilson. p. 10. -- Charlie Eppler. p. 10
Wichita State University
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The Sunflower
v.80 no.44
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