The Sunflower, v.82, no.06 (July 14, 1977)

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The Sunflower, v.82 no. 6. Wichita, Kansas, July 14, 1977. - 4 pages

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Article(s): Class finds Lansing depressing, frightening / Marie Motowylak -- ERA showdown at hand; shadows Women’s Weekend / Bob Linder -- Student checks Kansas mates -- University publications cited -- Author shares widow’s traumas -- Alumni leaders picked -- University record / edited by Marsh Galloway
Photograph(s): King: WSU student Rick Krewson this weekend will attempt to become Kansas' Senior Champion at the chess board. p. 1 -- Trust: Students in the freshman seminar Personal Development 100 learn interdependence as one each of a team is denied use of hands, eyes and mouth. Relying on each other, from left, are Kris Ramcharan, Danette Skubitz (granddaughter of Congressman Joe Skubitz) and Julie Penner. / photo by Michael Knapp. p. 2 -- [Lynne] Caine. p. 3