Chapter 39 -- Updating composite materials handbook-17 volume 5— ceramic matrix composites

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Douglas Kiser, J.
David, Kaia E.
Davies, Curtis
Missri-Andrulonis, Rachael
Ashforth, Cindy

Kiser, J. D., David, K. E., Davies, C. , Andrulonis, R. and Ashforth, C. (2017). Updating Composite Materials Handbook‐17 Volume 5—Ceramic Matrix Composites. In Advances in High Temperature Ceramic Matrix Compo sites and Materials for Sustainable Development; Ceramic Transactions, Volume CCLXIII (eds M. Singh, T. Ohji, S. Dong, D. Koch, K. Shimamura, B. Clauss, B. Heidenreich and J. Akedo)


This chapter discusses the updated version of CMH‐17 Volume 5—Ceramic Matrix Composites handbook released in 2002, which provides a more comprehensive overview of current Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) technology. Emphasis has been placed on documenting “best practices” for CMC testing, processing, and operation and documenting test and analysis methods that can be used to show compliance to civil and military aviation regulations. CMH‐17, Volume 5 describes various types of materials and provides additional information about CMC processing, testing procedures, design/analysis guidelines, and data analysis and acceptance. The first release of Volume 5 occurred in 2002. Significant portions of that document were incomplete, in part due to concerns about releasing CMC‐related information in an “open document”.

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