American migrants in Australia: An exploratory study of adjustment

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Bardo, John W.
Bardo, Deborah J.

Bardo, J. W., Bardo, D. J. (1981). "American migrants in Australia: An exploratory study of adjustment." Sociological Focus, 14(2), 147-156


In the literature on American migration to Australia, there is a debate concerning the ease and degree of post-migration social-psychological adjustment. In this paper a model of migrant adjustment is derived from the literature; relationships among social psychological measures of adjustment (alienation, work orientations, amicability, isolation, and missing family and friends) and socio-demographic variables are analyzed using path analysis. Results tend to support a complex view of migrant adjustment based on differences in socio-demographic characteristics. Certain modifications to existing literature are recommended, and avenues for further research are suggested.

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