The effectiveness of online courses in physician assistant education

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Day, David
Smith, Barbara S.
Muma, Richard D.

Day, David, Smith, Barbara, and Richard D. Muma. (2006).The effectiveness of online courses in physician assistant education. The Journal of Physician Assistant Education, v.17, no.3: 33-36


To examine whether online curricula were appropriate for physician assistant (PA) programs, one PA program piloted an online curriculum for courses in endocrinology and community health with two groups of 42 students each. Overall the Web-based courses were effective; both courses resulted in grades and PANCE scores that were consistent with scores from traditional courses in previous years. Student evaluations showed mixed reviews in regard to the organization of the courses and the participants expressed a preference for the traditional classroom course over the Web-based course. Generalizability is limited based on two courses and one PA program.

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