Memory matters: works by Gesine Janzen

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Lockard, Brittany J.

Lockard, Brittany J. 2017. Memory matters: works by Gesine Janzen. Senses and Society, vol. 12:no. 3:pp 368-372


Exhibition review: Memory matters: works by Gesine Janzen, Kauffman Museum, Bethel College, North Newton, Kansas, August 16, 2016-May 28, 2017. Memory Matters: Works by Gesine Janzen at the Kauffman Museum adds depth and dimension to the artist's interrogation of the importance of material objects to memory by entangling her work in a web of site-specific meanings that encourage readings through the lenses of the archive and postmemory. Adding to the already complex group of connections between Janzen's mother (Reinhild Kauenhoven Janzen, an art historian) and father (John M. Janzen, an anthropologist). They juxtaposed the artist's mixed-media works with historical objects from her family and the larger Mennonite community of North Newton, Kansas, where the museum is located.

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