Flight loads analysis of CL-415 scoopers

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Rokhsaz, Kamran
Kliment, Linda K.
Nelson, John A.

Kamran Rokhsaz, Linda K. Kliment and John Nelson. "Flight Loads Analysis of CL-415 Scoopers," AIAA 2022-4015. AIAA AVIATION 2022 Forum. June 2022.


Flight data recorded between 2015 and 2019 on a fleet of four CL-415 aircraft has been analyzed for the purpose of developing flight loads spectra. A low-pass filter has been used to remove the effects of local and structural vibrations from the recorded vertical load factors. Vertical load factors have been separated into gust and maneuver categories. Frequency of occurrence of the vertical load factors has been determined and expressed in the form of exceedance spectra for various altitude bands. The frequency of occurrence of the load factors has been shown to correlate well with altitude above ground level. The results have been compared with those of four other operations; single-engine-air tankers, ASM/leads, BAe146/RJ-85 large air tankers, and a limited amount of agricultural spraying. The magnitude and the frequency of the load factors have been shown to be larger than all but those of ASM/lead flights.

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Work created by the federal government is in the public domain. This effort was funded by the United States Forest Service through the Grant 17-G-004 administered by the Federal Aviation Administration.