Reintegration of victims and survivors of trafficking in Nepal

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Sharma, Pooja
Chang, Doris T.
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This study attempted to examine complications related to the reintegration process of victims and survivors of trafficking in Nepal. In order to do so, three main goals were set. First, to understand the situation of trafficking survivors and the way they are treated by the society; second, to explore the provision of anti-trafficking laws in favor of the victims and survivors; and third, to analyze the disparity between what the laws professes and what happens in reality. The resources used for the study consists of in-depth interviews with six victims and survivors of trafficking and five key persons representing four different NGOs working against trafficking of women and girls, HIV/AIDS and other related issues. This study also includes national and I/NGO annual reports, journal articles and books as supporting resources. This study demonstrates that there are many challenges that victims and survivors of trafficking in Nepal experience during reintegration. Social stigmas, discrimination, negative attitude of families and communities, mental, verbal, physical and emotional abuse are some of the major challenges. There are several laws and policies available to protect the trafficked victims and survivors. However, lack of knowledge and trust toward law enforcement system among the general population has caused ignorance and hence, increased the number of trafficking victims in Nepal. This study also found that contributions made by NGOs toward the reintegration of victims and survivors of trafficking are commendable. The NGOs has improved their lives by providing skills, opportunities and motivation to live independently in the society. At the end, this study suggests that community should work together toward educating people about trafficking, advocating to raise voices against trafficking, forming strong surveillance system, and combating corruption in order to combat trafficking.

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Thesis (M.A.)--Wichita State University, Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Program of Liberal Studies
Wichita State University
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