Intertwinings for full orchestra: a composition

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Svast, Maja
Mays, Walter

Intertwinings is written for full orchestra, and is in one continuous movement. It takes as its subject certain aspects from human nature. The human nature is very complex. Sometimes people project extroverted actions, while at the same time disguising their inner thoughts and emotions. This work consists of three main themes, which represent three different characters. These themes first appear alone and then later in combination. They clash together producing positive and negative emotions that culminate with all three of them erupting together towards the end of the piece (beginning at measure 298 until the end). The piece ends abruptly leaving the questions unanswered.

Table of Content
Instrumentation -- Program notes and analysis -- Intertwinings
Thesis (M.M.)--Wichita State University, College of Fine Arts, School of Music