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Moore-Jansen, Peer H.

Moore-Jansen, Peer H. 2016. Letter from the editor -- Lambda Alpha Journal, v.46, p.vii


Papers entertain questions pertaining to greater appreciation of 1) how social media platforms can facilitate broader communication and discourse among Latin American youth (Sierra); 2) the significance of the Ghost Dance as a means to defend the Lakota way-of-life (Clough); 3) the relationship between health, worth and palliative care in resource limited communities in North India (Richard and Hosaka); 4) confounding issues associated with the pursuit of artistic expressions of Utopian ideals of cultural universalism in contrast to the reality of cultural relativity of symbolic meaning (Cheadle); 5) the potential role of neurological development and human behavior throughout human biological history and by extension affirming the adaptative value of pair-bonding and even romantic love (Figueras); 6) human variation through the association of skeletal morphological diversity to human. Particularly with reference to the assessment of efficacy related to the understanding of sexual dimorphism in portions of the skeleton (Longe). In spring 2016 we celebrated the 16th annual Lambda Alpha Student symposium in the campus or Wichita State University. The day-long program included 17 undergraduate podium presenters speaking to research in archaeological, biological, and cultural anthropological investigations.

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