The Sunflower, v.74, no.49 (May 1, 1970)

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The Sunflower: Our 74th year of editorial freedom, v.74 no.49. Wichita, Kansas, May 1, 1970. - 4 pages

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Article(s): President orders American land forces into Cambodia -- Hippodrome set today -- New senate meets; James urges action -- Amendments pass -- Flag patch puts student in jail -- Activists plan demonstration -- Firebombings suspected on WSU campus -- Agnew's IQ -- Letter to the editor -- Three Dog Night hangs loose -- Ford speech rescheduled to Thursday -- Journalism suspends courses -- Science Academy talks on pollution -- Hippodrome actor doubles as writer / Glenn Meltzer -- Year's best 2 mile: Thinclads perform well at Drake University Relays -- Shock's pitcher slows down / Dan Matthews
Photograph(s): Heavy: Three Dog Night turns 'em loose at Henry Levitt Arena Tuesday night. See story page 2). p. 1 -- Bud Dingman. p. 3 --'Mr. Hippodrome'. p. 3 -- Track co-captain Carl Nicholson ran in the two mile run in the Drake Relays. The Shocks placed eighth out of 16 places. p. 4