The structure of community satisfaction in a southeastern American city

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Hughey, Joseph B.
Bardo, John W.

Hughey, J. B., Bardo, J. W. (1984). "The structure of community satisfaction in a southeastern American city." Journal of Social Psychology, 123(1), 91-99


This study examined the dimensionality of the revised Community Satisfaction Scale (CSS) among residents of a Southeastern American community. A random sample of 250 persons was interviewed by trained interviewers with the use of a survey instrument of 54 CSS items and demographic information. Item-total correlations and Cronbach's coefficient alpha were used as scaling criteria, and the resulting scale was factor analyzed. Large differences were noted in the dimensionality of the scale between a Midwestern American community and British new town. The differences concerned the number of factors identified as well as the nature of those factors. The results indicated that the meaning and structure of community satisfaction is multidimensional and variable within and between populations. The implications of the findings for theories of environmental perception, planning, and community change were discussed.

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