Socially engaged art as a tool for activating social movements

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Myose, Sarah
Bubp, Robert

The subject area of the thesis explores the connections between art and social practice, especially in activating social movements, activism, and conversation within Wichita, KS. The thesis first covers definitions of socially engaged art and its history, exploring the time period from the early 1960s to present. Following this, the topic of socially engaged art is connected to the development of the sociology of art through analyzing sociological theories. The potential problems, limitations, and impacts of socially engaged art are explained. Last, the thesis covers personal reflections on the marketing, branding, fundraising, budgeting, and administration of a large-scale socially engaged art project and personal experiences with viewing and attending a national conference, museums, and installations.

Table of Content
Honors thesis (HB)-- Wichita State University, Dorothy and Bill Cohen Honors College.
Accepted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Honors Baccalaureate with concentrations in Studio Art and Sociology.