The Sunflower, v.79, no.10 (September 20, 1974)

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The Sunflower, v.79 no.10. Wichita, Kansas, September 20, 1974. - 8 pages

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Article(s): Comstock gives a hoot: Owls line counselor's walls / Dan Burson -- Chaney sees himself as a candidate for the people / Andy Allen -- Freshmen elect Barnes -- Charla Espanola: Spanish spoken here -- Exhibit portrays Ethiopian sect -- Fourth year attempt made: Women seek to join male business club -- Gimmick radio trends disturb news director -- Where’s the prof -- Dorm study needed -- Guest column: Ombudsman represents students / Ron James -- Student air fares may fall again -- Pre-med office shifts location -- Shockers - Wildcats clash in Manhattan / John Polson
Photograph(s): George Comstock, WSU counselor, displays one of the owls in his 200 member collection. His office is decorated with 160 of them / photo by Roger Giesecke. p. 1 -- A beautiful green lawn was the ending result of these gardeners work. The "instant lawn" is in front of the soon to be completed McKnight Fine Arts Center. p. 1 -- Kerry Barnes. p. 1 -- Bubba Hooker, 'great linebackers'; Bill Baker, 'stop the veer'. p. 7