The Sunflower, v.56, no.01 (September 14, 1950)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.56, no.1. Wichita, Kansas, September 14, 1950. - 8 pages

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Article(s): New structure nearing finish -- Band positions available to all, announces Kerr -- Topsy-turvy world viewed from Kansas to New York -- Council discusses elections and walkouts this summer -- Upper tenth named to last semester's dean's honor roll -- Pep activities announced here -- Draft officials announce policy -- Round about the campus / Mary Fran Sullivan -- Frat rushees must register -- Sorority and frat houses redecorated, fixtures added during summer term -- Pillows to be sold by pep council here -- University officials announce recent faculty vacancies and appointments -- Frosh pep club being organized -- Cheerleaders will be named -- Records soar on ticket sale -- Grad students help coaches -- Messages from two presidents -- Before the horse runs away -- Know your campus: Alpha Phi Omega serves University as guides, organizers -- Korean student says reds will fail -- Varsity Sue and Sam will be chosen Saturday at first all-school dance -- Rushing is out next semester -- Book review: Tales of Egypt related in book by M. Waltari -- Kallail, Enns new staffers -- Sororities name new pledges -- 400 yearbooks still unclaimed -- Switch from wing to "T" is Shockers' new strategy / Bill Brooks -- Gunning expects 19 varsity men for early drills -- Varsity football team practices for Utah State game, September 30 -- Two MVC teams play this week -- Frosh to face three opponents -- "No-man's-land" constitutes 1950 major football rule change -- Public to view varsity session
Photograph(s): Faculty members called to service: Former faculty members called to active duty are, left to right: Phillip J. Mohr, assistant professor in speech; Dr. J. R. Berg, professor of geology; and Leslie M. Blake, associate professor of speech. All are members of the 469 Strategic Intelligence Team, U.S. Army, which will mobilize in Wichita, Sept. 11. (Another faculty member called to duty is Maj. Harry C. Mahan of the Marines.) p. 1 -- Montezuma, Tripoli, or Korea?: Former members of the University of Wichita who were called to active duty with the Second Engineers Marine Reserve Unit, Wichita, August 6, 1950, are (left to right): Max Hill, Donald Barkley, Robert B. Reeser, Ralph Reiser, William Tweeder, Jim Parrish, Robert Blakely, Warren Bakstran, Robert Sumner, and Maj. Harry C. Mahan, associate professor of economics who commands the unit. Not pictured, Leo Kopplin and Harold L. Woods. The unit is now in training at Camp Pendleton, Calif. p. 1 -- Leading the band: University twirlers stop practicing and look pretty for the camera while planning maneuvers for coming football games. They are Darlene Reese, Marcene Solomon, and Norma Jean Haley. p. 2 -- "Flying young man": Bob Messenger. p. 3 -- Coaching staff: Frosh coach Bob Carlson (left) and head coach Jim Trimble (right). p. 3 -- Messages from two presidents: Harry F. Corbin, President of the University of Wichita; Harry Hobson, President of the Student Council. p. 4 -- Service with a smile: Edward King gives directions to registering coeds (left to right) Susie Lovelace, Jodie Hartenberger, and Marilyn Smith. p. 4 -- Fullback: Eli Romero running with a football. p. 5 -- All Valley end returns: Mike Knopick, pictured ready to throw a football. p. 5 -- Bill Klobuchar, pictured running with a football. p. 6 -- Latest addition: Photo of construction on the Business Administration Building near Eighteenth and Yale. p. 6 -- Francis Oleksak. p. 6 -- J.D. Edmiston (left) and Wesley Hodge. p. 7 -- Photo of the Wichita Shockers football team. p. 8