The Sunflower, v.56, no.03 (September 27, 1951)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.56, no.3, Wichita, Kansas, September 27, 1951. - 8 pages

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Article(s): University, varsity coalitions announce party candidates -- Pop convo has large turnout -- Fifty-one ROTC promotions, Colonel Montgomery reports -- Polls to open tomorrow for all-school election: Candidate lists are completed -- Seniors confer on graduation -- 2 art classes added at UW -- 300 register at Logopedics -- Forum Board seeks members -- University band leads parade -- University grad is commissioned -- Employment Bureau swamped by job offers, says Sours -- Round about the campus / Nancy Rittenoure -- Sorority parties use unique themes as fall rushing goes into final week -- Frosh to hear party policies -- President's office to publish bulletin -- University Dames to attend tea -- Greek pledge classes elect new fall semester officers -- Music directors plan conference -- Honest gals: Stephens launch honor system for taking roll -- UW coed disregards light; "Absorbed" -- 3 University couples exchange vows; Four engagements announced recently -- Wilkie explains group rulings -- Intramural briefs -- Two offices moved -- Club corner: University clubs give greetings to new joiners -- YWCA drive closes Friday -- Two added to Sunflower staff -- Faculty appears on University Roundtable -- Get out and... -- Misbehaving frosh... -- Beanies are on sale -- Sound off: Frat applauds squad, coaches for good work -- M/Sgt. Jones named Air ROTC teacher -- Hookey?: Syracuse staff polls students on cut system -- UW-Kansas U debaters vie -- Nine to teach in night school -- KMUW to resume broadcasting October 1 -- Cliff's column / Clifford Kraus -- The Barber shop / Bob Barber -- Regents plan first meeting -- Instructor has hope -- Add new degree in engineering -- UW faculty members start English readings in Tuesday night class here -- Members of board to attend meeting -- OU daily lists students' names -- Opera practice begins at UW -- Two University professors exhibit work at art gallery -- Art frat sponsors picnic on September 16 -- Professor gives study methods in new booklet -- Munies leave for next tilt: Utah State scheduled for non MVC game -- Four future Shocker foes snare victories; four lose -- The sports clock / Al Alvarez -- Cage practice starts Monday -- Shockers lose opener 21-13 -- Student swimmers meet at men's gym -- Six educators give views on women in men's professions -- Parking rules are announced -- Hartman lists corps positions
Photograph(s): Dr. W. M. Jardine. p. 1 -- James Kerr. p. 1 -- Nightshirts on parade: University freshmen gather at Broadway and Douglas to give out with some rousing cheers in the traditional nightshirt parade last Friday night. p. 2 -- Unhappy ending: Photo of policeman rounding up a freshman at the culmination of the nightshirt parade. p. 4 -- That's m'boy: Ralph Miller (left), is all smiles as he looks over a top freshman prospect. The candidate is six-foot, eight-inch Mervin Carman (right), of Cook, Nebr. Carman is 25 years old a veteran of A.A.U. basketball on the West Coast. That's Mrs. Carman in the middle. p. 6