The Sunflower, v.67, no.39 (March 19, 1963)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.67, no.39, Wichita, Kansas, March 19, 1963. - 4 pages

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Article(s): Symphony orchestra to perform tonight -- Shocks squeezed out by Villanova 54-53 -- Hippodrome, elections top SGA agenda -- Freshman assembly set for Thursday -- Unanimous vote for WU cast by state Regents -- Ethnologist to lecture on good, evil -- Sig Ep house nears completion -- Editorial views: Exams loom large -- Missal, Sarachek recognized for work in music, genetics -- Record-breaking attendance greets 'Adding Machine' cast / Joan Krehbiel Pease -- Shocker shenanigans / Lorry Brosius -- 14 job interviews announced -- 4 branches of SGA originated in 1958 / Bill Rapps -- Around the campus
Photograph(s): Loyal Shocker fans gathered in front of television sets Saturday night to see their team compete in the NIT. p. 1 -- The Sig Ep house has taken on a new appearance with the near completion of an addition which provides housing for 26 men and a house-mother, plus another living room. p. 1 -- Kay Shoffner, University College freshman, was named Miss Wellington recently. p. 3
"SGA Originated in 1958 See Page 4"