1973-10-29 University Senate meeting

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University Senate

University Senate. Agenda and Minutes of the Meeting, October 29, 1973. -- University Senate Meetings, 1973-1974, v.10

Table of Content
Agenda: Meeting called to order -- Informal proposals and statements -- Approval of the University Senate minutes of October 8, 1973 -- Orders of the day -- Unfinished business -- Committee reports -- New business -- Adjournment
Proposed amendments: Article and amendments affected by the proposed amendment -- Policy committee -- Technical and advisory
WSU report of recruitment activity as related to minority persons and women: Recruitment efforts -- Difficulties encountered -- Analysis of new appointments -- Part time status -- Tenure -- Salary -- Degrees held -- Location in work force -- Degrees held by new appointees at time of appointment -- Tenure and rank distribution for unclassified personnel appointments -- Percentages of unclassified faculty and staff in each rank and tenure status -- Recapitulation of unclassified personnel appointments -- Comparison of average salaries for all faculty with new appointees -- Total number of all unclassified personnel -- Number of unclassified personnel -- Percentage composition of personnel
Minutes: Approval of minutes -- Acceptance of the proposed amendments