A cross-cultural study of primary personality factor structure in the preparation of the Hawaiian high school personality questionnaire

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Cattell, Raymond B. (Raymond Bernard), 1905-1998
Danko, George

Cattell, R. B., Danko, G. (1984). A Cross-Cultural Study of Primary Personality Factor Structure in the Preparation of the Hawaiian High School Personality Questionnaire. Multivariate Experimental Clinical Research, 7(1), 1-23.


The items of the High School Personality Questionnaire were adapted into the Hawaiian idiom for use with native Hawaiians. On two groups (550 boys and girls ages 12-14 and 580 of ages 15-17), factor analyses were done using the 26 variables created by odd/even splitting of the 13 scales (the 14th, intelligence, being omitted). Component analyses to check on number of factors were also done on the 26 plus 58 items used as possible replacement material. The scree test on both indicated slightly more than the number of factors existing in the scales, as is usual. and 15 were taken out and rotated to simple structure. Two proved to be interpretable error factors, different in the junior and senior groups, but the remaining 13 had (with few exceptions) the expected markers, and did match across ages. Source traits 0--guilt proneness, Q4--ergic tension (and perhaps Q3--self-sentiment), however, were of small variance compared to the original U.S. Mainland version, which might be due either to poor "translation" or to their genuinely being of small variance in Hawaiians.

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