The effects of self-questioning on comprehension of expository text and development of content writing with second grade students

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Dunlap, Jo A.
Kear, Dennis J.
The effects of instruction in self-questioning skills on comprehension of expository text and on ideas and content and organization traits in writing were explored. The expository reading and writing performance of 19 second grade students in an urban, low SES elementary school receiving instruction in a questioning strategy was compared with a stratified sampling of students from other classrooms in the same school. Pre and post assessments include a graphic organizer to record topic, main idea, and supporting details when reading an article and writing samples scored using the 6 trait analytical rating guide. Students using the strategy made significant progress in reading comprehension of expository text and the ability to use the trait of ideas and content in their writing. However, the positive effect of self-questioning on the use of the ability to use organization in their writing was not supported.
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Thesis (M.Ed.)--Wichita State University, College of Education, Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction
Includes bibliographic references (leaves 24-26).
"May 2006."